Sahil, 6: Instructor Kim Robinson - Kumon

Sahil, 6: Instructor Kim Robinson

February 2, 2011 ~

Airplanes, trucks, cars and robots are just some of 6-year-old Sahil’s passions. Sahil enjoys playing with robots – but designing and building robots with movable parts and sensors is where his true talent lies at his magnet school in Louisville, Ky.
Sahil started at the Kumon Math and Reading Center of Middletown in Louisville, Ky., more than a year and a half ago and recently started first grade. His mother enrolled him in the program when he was 4 1/2 so he could “get a leg up” before starting kindergarten.
“It is a global economy, and we want Sahil to have the confidence and education to succeed in life and in his career,” said Shweta, mother of Sahil. “I wanted to equip my son with the motivation to tackle anything.”  Sahil did get a leg up. After three weeks in kindergarten, he was moved to first grade because his test scores were so high. His mother attributes much of this to his working hard all summer on his Kumon studies as well as reading books to stay ahead.
“Sahil craves learning,” said his mother. “He worked hard all summer so he could go and buy books to read. He saved up to buy a children’s dictionary so he could expand his vocabulary.”
In addition to school and Kumon, Sahil also plays basketball for a local community team, swims and roller-skates in his free time. He was also featured in a recent “USA Today” article regarding school integration, in which his school was included as an exemplary magnet school in Louisville.