Saori 12, Shiori 13, and Shunsuke 15; Instructor, Dr. Dan Kimura - Kumon

Saori 12, Shiori 13, and Shunsuke 15; Instructor, Dr. Dan Kimura

Sibling rivalry has been a dynamic among families for centuries. However, for Saori, 12; Shiori, 13; and Shunsuke, 15; who attend the Kumon Center of Ladue, completing Kumon’s Math Program encouraged sibling camaraderie. The trio completed the program in 2009 with each family member doing so before entering high school. Saori, the youngest of the grop, completed the program in the spring, while her older sister, Shiori, and eldest brother, Shunsuke, completed the program over the summer. All three siblings started the Kumon Math Program in kindergarten.

Dr. Dan Kimura, an Instructor at Kumon of Ladue, said their accomplishment is rare but attainable with dedication.

“Three completers from the same family in the same year is a unique occurrence,” Dr. Kimura said. “However, when you have such a committed group of young people who understand the value of daily study and dedicate themselves to achieving a goal, anything is possible.”

While enrolled in Kumon, the siblings were also actively involved in the arts and athletics. Shunsuke participated in a percussion ensemble and baseball, while Saori and Shiori were tennis players and enjoyed playing the violin and flute respectively.

Saori, Shiori and Shunsuke all attribute their success to a positive and empowering family environment. “Support is very important,” said Shunsuke. “I accomplished my goal by working together with my sisters. Having a family to help was fun, and it helped me learn better.”