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Self-Learning: Seven Days of Kumon

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We often talk about self-learning being one of the greatest benefits of the Kumon Program. But do you really understand what self-learning is and why it’s so important? Unlike tutoring programs that passively teach, Kumon employs techniques that help students develop into lifelong self-learners. Learn more about this important skill and how it’s nurtured in the Kumon Program.

What Exactly Is Self-Learning?

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Discover exactly how self-learning differs from passive learning, as well as how students cultivate this important skill in the Kumon Program.

The Importance of Self-Learning

Maritza with student

Kumon Instructors and students share the benefits of self-learning and how developing this skill helps students far beyond the Kumon classroom.

Father of Second Generation Kumon Students Talks About Motivation and Self-Learning

Glenn with family doing Kumon

Watch this video to see a former Kumon Student who is now the parent of two children enrolled in the program explain the importance of self-learning.

Nurturing Self-Learning Through The Kumon Program

Young Boy with Instructor

Here’s how to nurture self-learning in your children with the Kumon Program.

This Kumon Student Has a Black Belt In Taekwondo And Applies Self Learning In Her Every Day Routine

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One Kumon Student shares the importance of self-learning and how she hopes to capitalize on this skill as she works to accomplish her dream of becoming a doctor.