Seth, 17; Instructor, Naomi Rockenmacher - Kumon

Seth, 17; Instructor, Naomi Rockenmacher

Seth, 17, not only fulfilled his goal of completing the Kumon Reading Program in a mere four years, he is also the first program completer at the Los Alamitos Kumon Center in California, where he studies with his Kumon Instructor and mom, Naomi.

“I am so proud of my son for persevering and completing the reading program; it was a special moment to me as both a mother and a Kumon Instructor,” said Naomi. “Seth completing the program has inspired other students in the center, and we now have two more reading program completers.”

When Seth was young, Naomi hoped to encourage a love of reading by playing books on tape when the family was in the car. As he grew older, Seth’s passion for reading developed as he began to read chapter books, such as those in the Harry Potter series.

“The key to finishing the reading program is to plan Kumon around your schedule. It’s not easy, but it will really help you in the long run,” said Seth. “My mom was also a big source of encouragement. She continually motivated me with all the hard work and dedication she puts into her center and her students.”

In addition to his Kumon studies, Seth is taking AP biology, calculus and language arts in school. This past summer, he went to Japan for two weeks with classmates to study Japanese culture and language. In his free time, Seth enjoys surfing, running on the cross-country team and riding the new bike he built.

Seth hopes to attend the University of California in Santa Barbara, San Diego or Los Angeles to work toward becoming a doctor or a lawyer. Until then, he’s going to continue to study Kumon Math until graduation.