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Setting the Stage for Your Child’s Success

Adhering to your family’s daily routine can become challenging during the transition from winter to spring. As temperatures rise and the end of the school year draws closer, your child’s schedule may be filled with new activities and events such as baseball practice, recitals, and school concerts. It is more important now than ever for your family to stick to your new Kumon routine.


The Kumon Program was developed by Toru Kumon as an academic enrichment program to be practiced every day. With this focus on daily practice, dedication and discipline are required to complete the exercises that are a hallmark of the Kumon Program. In order to achieve lasting success as a Kumon Student, each student must commit to this daily routine to achieve success.


Although it takes time to develop a good habit and routine, it can take only a few days to break it. The key step is to make sure that you follow your routine or make slight modifications to fit the Kumon routine in your child’s new schedule. For example, if your child typically completes Kumon worksheets after school but now has a number of new after-school activities, have your child complete the daily Kumon worksheets in the morning instead. If your child is scheduled to visit your local Kumon Center on Mondays and now has activities scheduled that day of the week, talk with your Instructor about alternate Kumon Center days and times.


For more ways to help your family stick to your Kumon routine, visit the “Committing to the Kumon Routine” blog post or reach out to your local Kumon Instructor.