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Seven Books to Cultivate Your Child’s Love of Reading

Step into spring by cultivating your child’s love of reading with this selection of books from the Kumon Recommended Reading List. Don’t forget to visit our Kumon Recommended Reading List or talk to your Kumon Instructor for more great recommendations.

    1. Each Peach Pear Plum by Janet and Allen Ahlberg

Kumon Recommended Reading Level 7A
Your children will love this engaging, interactive book full of familiar nursery rhyme characters.


Kumon Recommended Reading Level 5A
This hilarious retelling of the classic Russian tale about a turnip that is impossible to pull from the ground is a perfect book for your children to practice their reading aloud skills.


Kumon Recommended Reading Level 4A
This time-honored tale of a late-blooming tiger can help your children understand that everyone accomplishes things at their own pace.


Kumon Recommended Reading Level AI
This charming tale of the adventures of a curious monkey will delight young readers.


Kumon Recommended Reading Level BI
This lively story about the pleasures of sharing with friends is a perfect book to read aloud.


Kumon Recommended Reading Level E
This Newbery Medal-winning novel is a modern classic tale that will spark your children’s imagination as they enter the enchanting world of Terabithia.


Kumon Recommended Reading Level F
This simple tale of a family working on their new farm demonstrates the idea that hard work can lead to success.