Sheldon, 8; Instructor, Dorairaj (Raj) Srinivasan - Kumon

Sheldon, 8; Instructor, Dorairaj (Raj) Srinivasan

Eight year old Sheldon from Scarborough, Ontario has a passion…reading! But he wasn’t always enthusiastic about picking up a book to read just for fun, much less motivated to write on his own.  “I brought Sheldon to Kumon because he was performing at an average level in school,” says Lalbachan, Sheldon’s dad. “He wasn’t motivated to read; I had to tell him to read books.”
When Sheldon joined Kumon early last year, he was unable to form a sentence on his own. He began mastering pre-reading skills by learning vowel combinations and how to sound out words. His Instructor Raj remembers that although Sheldon seemed excited to be in Kumon, he was quiet and did not express himself freely. “I saw something in him,” said Raj. “I wanted him to love to read so I assigned a lot of books and let him use the Book Tracker to help him use his imagination and to improve his writing abilities.”
It was only a matter of time before something clicked and then nobody could get Sheldon to stop reading. Now a confident reader, Sheldon recently reached a major milestone in the Kumon Reading program, level ‘C by 3’ which is reading at a Grade 4/5 level. He is able to write and express himself so well, his article “The Forsythe Farm Trip” was recently featured in his school’s newsletter.
“I like Kumon because it’s fun!” Sheldon exclaimed when asked about his studies. “I like that it helps me know the answers in school and that it makes writing easy.” His father is pleased with the study habits and confidence that Sheldon has developed. “I’m very, very happy. I am so proud of his progress and how motivated Kumon has made him!”
When Sheldon isn’t reading his favourite books, the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, he enjoys track and field as well as painting.