Shiv, 11: Instructor, Noopur Pandya - Kumon

Shiv, 11: Instructor, Noopur Pandya

Shiv has been recognized over and over again with awards and prizes in math, science, book publishing, respect, integrity and honour. Shiv is 11 years old and the following are just a few of his most recent accomplishments. In 2015, he won 1st place in the Durham District School Board’s Math League and 1st place in the Ajax Science Fair. In 2014, he took home the bronze medal in the Kangaroo Math Competition. Furthermore, in 2015 and in 2013, two of his short stories were published: “The Miracle Tree” and “The Innocent Boy”.

Shiv’s parents enrolled him in the Reading program, when he was four years old, in the hopes that he would gain a better understanding of English and after six months, they noticed a considerable improvement. A year later, they enrolled him in the math program. Today, Shiv has completed the Reading Program and is in Level I in Kumon’s Math program. His proud dad, Paragkumar, had the following to say, “Kumon helped Shiv to improve in all areas in English and the math program helped him develop fast thinking skills.”

According to his Kumon Instructor, Noopur Pandya, from the Kumon Math and Reading Centre of Ajax-Taunton, “Shiv’s consistent effort and determination to achieve set goals help him to take on challenges that comes along the way. I feel proud to say that he is the youngest Reading program completer at my centre.”

Shiv acknowledges that Kumon has taught him many strategies that have helped him progress not only in his Kumon studies but also in school. During his free time, Shiv enjoys playing baseball and basketball while enjoying the challenges of participating in the Science Fairs and Math Competitions. He aspires to be a pharmacist when he grows up. When asked about his proudest moment, Shiv said “I am proud to be in the gifted program and the winner of many Kumon awards.”