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Show You Care During National Teacher Appreciation Month

May 10, 2011 ~

Teachers play a valuable role in our children’s lives by educating and helping them prepare for life after graduation. In honor of National Teacher Appreciation Month, we developed a few ideas to show recognition to your children’s teachers.
Make It Meaningful Gratitude, especially when it comes from the heart, is very meaningful. Create a unique teacher’s award named after your family, e.g., “The Baker Family’s Teacher Award.”
The gift itself can be a simple mounted certificate or a sculpture your child makes out of oven-baked clay. You can carry this tradition on for years to come to show your children’s teachers how much you appreciate their hard work and dedication to developing your child.
Take the Time to Talk With technology being what it is today, face-to-face conversations often fall by the wayside, but taking the time to thank your child’s teacher in person can be significantly more impactful. Whether it comes from a chance or a planned meeting, expressing your appreciation in person can make all difference.
Roll Out the Red Carpet Send your child to school with a small sample of red carpet from the nearest carpet retailer or piece a red felt from a craft store and a note that says, “Here is the red carpet I wanted to roll out for you for Teacher Appreciation Month.” Teachers will no doubt feel a great sense of joy from a small and creative gesture like this.
Give Gift Cards Gift cards make great presents for everyone, but for teachers in particular, a gift card to a local coffee shop might be the best idea. Teachers are early to rise, which makes coffee a welcome surprise. Other great ideas are gift cards to bookstores or restaurants. Share Natural Beauty With the summer months approaching, flowers or plants are a colorful and heartfelt gift that can show your child’s teacher you appreciate his or her hard work. You can prepare a small pot, sow it with seeds and attach a card that reads, “Thank you for all your hard work! Watch these plants grow and flower. They represent the growth we have seen in our child as a result of your teaching.” As the plants grow, it will remind the teacher of how much you appreciate their expertise and passion for education.
National Teacher Appreciation Month is dedicated to teachers and the hard work they do to educate our children. Show them you appreciate all the hours invested teaching and helping your child learn and grow.