Shreya, Age 9; Jenny Valdecanas, Instructor - Student Resources

Shreya, Age 9; Jenny Valdecanas, Instructor


When you see the results of your effort, the practice and time taken to get there makes it all worthwhile. This is what Shreya increasingly learned after her parents enrolled her in the Kumon Math and Reading programs. A Kumon student since kindergarten and now a fourth grader, she confidently attributes her consistent good grades to the solid study skills she developed at her Kumon learning center.  “Slowly seeing my good grades in school, I realized my efforts were not wasted. Kumon made me a better student overall and my teachers and parents are proud of my results,” says Shreya. Her parents noticed the responsibility and ownership Shreya has taken in her school work and the willingness to think more independently.

“Because of Kumon, she spends minimal time in her math activities at school which helps her devote more time on other subjects and sports activities,” says Shreya’s dad, Samir.  Shreya plays basketball and tennis, loves to dance and swim and has competed in basketball and taekwondo tournaments.

Recently Shreya reached a Kumon milestone, studying two years above her grade level in math. She also landed a Kumon “Mathlete” award for studying algebra in Kumon before entering middle school. By studying at her own pace Shreya will soon reach her next Kumon goal, studying factorization, at least by the time she reaches the sixth grade, predicts her Kumon Instructor, Jenny Valdecanas.

One day Shreya hopes to become a doctor. With the self-confidence she developed, it will be no surprise this will be another one of her achieved milestones.