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Simple Time Management Tips for Your Children

Between your children’s schoolwork and extracurricular activities, you’ve probably become a pro at managing your family’s busy schedules. Having your children become accountable for their own time management is also important. Here are three quick tips to help your children stay on track and manage their own time:

  1. Plan ahead

Knowing which projects and activities are coming up is a critical part of managing priorities and time. For example, if a big sports game is the same day as when a science project is due, your children can learn how to plan ahead to prevent last-minute anxiety. Each week, set time aside with your children to go over their upcoming schedules to make sure everything is on track and to help them plan ahead. During this time, don’t forget to discuss which activities and assignments they should prioritize. Then, keep the family’s schedule in a visible location, like a calendar on a wall or a whiteboard in the kitchen.

  1. Get organized

Once your children’s activities and assignments have been established, they should organize their time to accommodate their upcoming schedules. For example, your children should plan to work on a big project a little bit each day leading up to its due date. This way little, if any, work should need to be completed the day before it is due. As a result, your children will have ample time to mentally prepare for other activities such as an upcoming soccer game or piano recital.

  1. Work within the schedule

Unexpected roadblocks will always pop up. By planning ahead and sticking to a schedule, your children can prepare in advance for any deviations from their plans. Let’s say a math exam was suddenly scheduled for the same day as your children’s gymnastic competition and a science project’s due date. If they have stuck to the schedule, your children can get ready for the exam without making drastic changes to their previously established plans or rushing to complete tasks last minute.

By implementing these smart strategies, your children will be organized and ready to handle their busy schedules with ease.