Siya, 10; Instructor, Mala Ramakrishnan - Kumon

Siya, 10; Instructor, Mala Ramakrishnan

Siya, a ten-year-old student at Kumon of Santa Clara, recently completed the Kumon Reading Program and is currently one of the six fourth-grade students who ranked No. 1 in the top 20 Advanced Student Honor Roll for reaching the final level of the Kumon Reading Program in June 2012. She credits her success in part to her instructor, Ms. Mala Ramakrishnan, who she feels played an instrumental role in reaching this milestone. “Ms. Mala is always supporting me by taking time to help me fully understand concepts and formulas. She is one of the reasons why I feel so successful personally, and academically,” expressed Siya. After hearing about Kumon through a local community group, Siya’s parents enrolled their daughter in both the Kumon Math and Reading Programs. Almost immediately, they began to see a change in the way she approached both subjects. “Siya has always been good at those subjects, but after she started Kumon, we could see the difference as she was completing and advancing through the levels,” explains Siya’s mother, Shweta. Success is a word heard often by Kumon Students.  Siya hopes to pass along her own successes at Kumon to younger brother, Shaurya. “I hope he becomes very successful, just like every child who becomes a student of Kumon,” Siya says. This goal-oriented young lady would like to share some inspirational words of wisdom with Kumon Students who may be struggling. “I would tell them not to give up, because coming this far, you don’t want to lose,” said Siya, “You definitely want to be victorious. If you work towards completion, it will be the best moment of your life.” “Looking at her potential, we wanted to enroll her in a program that not just allows her to learn new concepts and techniques, but also provides her a framework that instills confidence, discipline and independent learning,” says Vic. Siya is a very active soon-to-be fifth grader. Alongside Kumon, she participates in competitive swimming, a North Indian Classical Dance group called Kathak and piano lessons.  For the past two years, Siya has represented her school at state level in Odyssey of the Mind, an international educational competitive program that provides creative problem-solving opportunities for students from kindergarten through college. As for the future, Siya sees herself attending Stanford University and beginning her ambitious career as a brain surgeon.