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Springing Towards Success: How the Kumon Program Helped Two Students Succeed

It is no surprise that Kumon Students strive to achieve and are motivated by their own accomplishments to pursue new challenges. Kumon Students are empowered to persevere through each successfully completed goal. Through the emphasis of daily practice and step-by-step learning, the Kumon Program aims to provide each student with the desire and ability to achieve lasting success both inside and outside the classroom. Below we feature the stories of two Kumon Students whose motivation and diligence helped set them on the path towards success.

Jonas, Kumon Student from Belleville, ONT, Canada

When Jonas was eight years old, his father enrolled him in the Kumon Program to help him reach his true potential and develop the discipline to strengthen his natural abilities. Three years later as a Kumon Student, Jonas was successfully studying material four years above his grade level. The results of the hard work he invested in the Kumon Program have become evident in other areas as well. The discipline he acquired from his Kumon studies helped him develop into a Grade Five violinist. He has also become a self-starter and no longer needs prompting in order to complete his homework and Kumon work. Before Kumon, Jonas was reluctant and anxious when presented with new challenges. After three years as a Kumon Student, he now welcomes them. Whenever he encounters something new, even if it seems tough at first, Jonas is now confident he will understand it with practice.

Eric, Kumon Student from Moorestown, NJ

Eric has been enrolled in the Kumon Program for more than six years and has achieved much success as a result of his diligent and rigorous Kumon study. As an eighth grader, Eric achieved a perfect score on both the Math and Critical Reading sections of the SATs, resulting in an impressive combined score of 2270. He attributes his ability to successfully work though the test directly to his experience with the Kumon Program. “I was never the fastest student but Kumon helped me with my speed, which allowed me to go back and re-check problems before the test time expired,” Eric said. Now a high school student, Eric truly understands how the Kumon Program has helped him. When asked about his experience as a Kumon Student, he said, “Kumon has helped me a lot. Factoring is very easy for me because of all the factoring I did in Kumon. Although some students might not like it at first, they will grow to appreciate its effects over the long term.”

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