Stacy, 13: Instructor Ruth Voo-Tan - Kumon

Stacy, 13: Instructor Ruth Voo-Tan

May 4, 2011 ~
Hard work, dedication and perseverance are not concepts with which 13-year-old Stacy is unfamiliar. For months, the grade 8 class president and her father drove around Ottawa every night and measured levels of light pollution in the city for her science fair project, “The Dark Side of Light.”
Stacy collaborated with Robert Dick, a light-pollution specialist from the Royal Astronomical Society, who provided her with some suggestions and the sky quality meter she used to conduct her research. Her results are so amazing that she was featured on CBC News, and the RAS is hoping to expand studies like hers across Canada.
But Stacy’s success didn’t happen overnight. Her mother first took her to Kumon in grade 1, when she saw some of Stacy’s classmates showing signs of advancement in math. Stacy says she liked tracing numbers, and she remembers how she loved to show off her 8s to her friends.
When asked how Kumon has helped her and why she kept persevering, Stacy said, “Well, even though there were many times that I wanted to quit, it’s benefitted me a lot. I like being advanced in my math class. Kumon has helped me with my calculation, and now I’m doing grade 10 math.”
“What I admire about Stacy is her consistency,” said Ruth, her Kumon Instructor. “In spite of her busy schedule, she puts Kumon as a priority and still manages to complete her work. I’m very proud of her achievements!”
Overall, Stacy says the future is what motivates her. She wants to succeed, not only in her chosen career, but also in life. In the fall, she will be starting the gifted program at the prestigious Lisgar Collegiate Institute, one of the country’s most highly regarded public schools. From there, she wants to go to a great university and become a biomedical engineer or a forensic pathologist.
But until that day comes, Stacy is happy with the fact that not only did her project win gold at the Ottawa Regional Science Fair in April but that she did better than she did last year when she was awarded the Hydro One Energy Ambassador Award. Her next big challenge will be her participation in the Canada-Wide Science Fair, which will be held in Toronto this May.