Steven, 19; Instructor, Barbara Leung - Kumon

Steven, 19; Instructor, Barbara Leung

Steven was recently honored as the first Kumon Math Program Completer from the Davis Kumon Center in Davis, California. He was asked to give a speech at the center’s recent award ceremony where he shared some very insightful advice for younger students.

“Kumon may appear to be additional ‘homework,’ but think about it this way: Kumon should be to you what batting practice is to a baseball player. The more exposure you have to different kinds of problems, the more ready you will be,” Steven said. “Walking the path toward program completion is hard and frustrating, but it can be done and is very rewarding.”

The UC Berkeley sophomore certainly took his own advice. While the 19-year-old had constant support from his family and instructor, Barbara Leung, he was never forced to continue. It was always his own decision, which wasn’t always easy. Sometimes he had to fit his Kumon worksheets into his free time and, even then, wasn’t always able to do them every day. Despite this, Steven witnessed the rewards of program completion through his improved schoolwork and greater self-confidence.

“It is not so much about the math but rather the knowledge of how to approach a problem,” Steven said about the rewards he gained through Kumon. “Math is not just about numbers; it is an art of thinking.”

This knowledge of how to approach a problem helped him get into Berkeley and has continued to help him throughout his college experience. He said that math helped him get this far, and he will take it as far as he can go.