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Striving for Academic Success through the Kumon Program

Teaching students how to learn is a fundamental aspect of the Kumon Program. Through dedication, perseverance, and daily practice, Kumon Students develop the necessary skills to achieve lasting success.  Below, we highlight the successes of two Kumon Students whose commitment to the rigors of the Kumon Program is helping them maximize their potential.

Michala from Tottenham, ON, Canada

“Kumon has helped me boost my confidence, and it has taught me a level of self-discipline necessary for my personal development. Thanks to Kumon, I know I am well on my way.”

Michala began her studies as a Kumon Student when she was only six years old. At thirteen, she has progressed to Level J in the Kumon Math Program and studies mathematical concepts way beyond her eighth grade curriculum. Michala’s work with the Kumon Program has helped her to advance and excel beyond her expectations.

Brian from Middletown, NJ

“Kumon is a fun way to learn because you learn by examples and by trying to learn by yourself. It’s amazing how fast you can learn and now things that I once thought were impossible are now easy.”

When Brian started the Kumon Program, he was learning how to solve simple multiplication problems. One year later, he has learned how to solve simultaneous equations with multiple variables. Through his commitment to the Kumon Program and the daily routine of Kumon Worksheets, Brian  exceeded his expectations and now studies advanced level mathematics.

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