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Avid Reader Publishes First Book and Discovers Philanthropy

Ten-year-old Hazel has already made huge strides to success, with the publication of her first children’s book titled, “Dreams Really Can Come True!” In addition to being an author, Hazel is also heading into philanthropy. One hundred percent of the proceeds of her book, which is about kids helping other kids, are donated to local organizations in Winnipeg, Canada that help children in need. Hazel recently won a young entrepreneurs contest through a local radio station and she donated the proceeds to Rossbrook House, which is a facility that helps inner-city youth. Hazel said, “It’s important to give back to others. There is always someone out there who is less fortunate than you.”


Hazel started in the Kumon Reading program was she was six years old. Within a few months, she felt compelled to write a book to raise awareness and funds for local children who are less fortunate. Hazel spent countless hours planning her story, and solicited the coloring expertise of her brother for the book’s illustrations. With the help of her aunt, Desiree, who is also her Kumon Instructor, the 58-page book with 29 color illustrations was published. Hazel’s advice to other kids is to “study and work hard, and you can achieve any goal that you set for yourself.”


Hazel is on the honor roll in both the Kumon Math and Reading programs. She has many interests including musical theatre, swimming and skating. She also likes to play basketball, soccer, and the piano. Her parents are musicians and she hopes one day to follow in their footsteps and perform before an audience. Hazel’s active imagination and motivation to make her dreams a reality, will no doubt touch the hearts of others, regardless of her career path.