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A toddler pauses from learning on his tablet momentarily to smile for a picture


Children as young as 2 years old are hands-on with tablets; give them a tablet and watch them explore with glee. The Essential Parent, one of the world’s leading online resources for expert-led, evidence-based parental advice, couldn’t agree more. “With relatively little dexterity, little ones  can swipe and press and interact with the games long before

A young child active learning using an ipad with stylus pencil on a couch

Active Technology Can Benefit Students in a Digital World  

In today’s classroom, students might be as likely to talk about the Elmo Visual Presenter, a computerized digital projector, as Elmo the red, fuzzy and lovable “Sesame Street” character who loves hugs. 

It’s the digital world they live in, and today’s children are enveloped by it in both their home and

A student studies on her iPad outside on a patio chair during the summer

Keep the Progress Going! Avoid the Summer Slide

Summer break is almost here and while it might be enjoyable for students to cut loose from their academic routine, the impact a lack of studying over the summer break can make a difference in the coming year. 

The summer learning loss in students is real and can have a profound

An instructor helps a student while the class practices using both paper and digital worksheets

What is the Biggest Predictor of Success in Children?

When it comes to figuring out the biggest predictor of success in children enrolled in Kumon, Frances Jackson knows it isn’t just one thing. It’s a combination of setting goals, friendly and educated Instructors and a tailored education plan that helps create success.

That long-term knowledge comes from her experience with