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Stories about REAL Kumon students and their success in school and beyond.

Student Uses Independent Learning Skills to Thrive

Aria, 10 years old, Kumon Math Level I

Imagine having to make new friends after skipping a grade in school. Luckily, for 10-year-old Aria, conquering challenges is a skill she has mastered over time. After her second-grade teacher discovered her potential and capabilities, Aria was qualified to


Kumon Completers Share How A Supplemental Education Program Helped Them Succeed

Completing the Kumon Program does more than give students an academic advantage. It equips students with soft skills like perseverance and determination and demonstrates how a supplemental education program can help your child succeed. Completers say finishing the Kumon Program left them with the confidence to tackle anything. 


Young Author Demonstrates the Value of Discipline in Achieving Goals

Angeline, a Kumon Student for more than 6 years, has loved reading for as long as she can remember. Through reading, she was inspired to practice developing her writing skills to write a novel of her own.
She began writing a book at a young age, and her writing routine later became very consistent. Angeline

Sasha Sun


Sasha Sun opened her Center in June 2020, at the height of the pandemic’s first wave. Despite having to overcome great challenges in her first year, she has still been able to achieve great success.