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Stories about REAL Kumon students and their success in school and beyond.

Kumon Completers Share How A Supplemental Education Program Helped Them Succeed

Completing the Kumon Program does more than give students an academic advantage. It equips students with soft skills like perseverance and determination and demonstrates how a supplemental education program can help your child succeed. Completers say finishing the Kumon Program left them with the confidence to tackle anything.  

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Kumon Student Shines As A Supermodel and DEI Advocate

Meet Isabella. Isabella is not your typical teenager. In fact, she’s a supermodel, DEI advocate, world traveler, inspirational speaker, tennis player, soccer player, musician, and you guessed it—a Kumon student!

We had the wonderful opportunity to sit down and meet Isabella and her mother. Here is what she shared:


girl playing piano

Young Scientist Aspires to Become A Neurosurgeon

Meet Kasey, a 13-year-old Kumon Student since 2013. She has completed the Reading Program and is nearing completion of the Math Program. Kumon has helped Kasey develop confidence to excel in school and advance above grade level. Doing so has also allowed her to invest more time into subjects she loves such as science.  

Kumon Student Designs Jewelry to Give Back to Those in Need 


Joshika, a 10-year-old Kumon Math and Reading Student, is on a mission to give back to those in need. She started her own company called Joshika’s Jewels for Joy in August of 2019 when she was in 2nd grade. The mission of the company is to spread more joy to