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[Video] What Will Your Kids Learn in the Kumon Reading Program?

At Kumon, your child will advance from letter sounds, to fairy tales, to Shakespeare. We offer individualized instruction carefully planned by an Instructor to help students reach their next academic level, and beyond.

Our program is designed to help your child develop


[Video] What Will Your Kids Learn in the Kumon Math Program?

Whether your child is learning to count or solving high school math problems, Kumon is here to continue expanding their math skills and knowledge. Our program is designed to help students develop independent, self-learning skills to help them excel proficiently beyond academics.

Mother and daughter with title that says Parent Testimonial

Kumon Parent Testimonial: Virtual Classes

Many Kumon Parents found the transition to virtual learning to be seamless with Kumon. Watch the testimonial video below to hear what Kumon Parents have to say about their experience with Kumon and virtual learning.


Kumon Student Aspires to Apply His Math Skills As An Aerospace Engineer

11-years-old, Math Level J

11-year-old Kristian’s love of math has inspired him to one
day become an aerospace engineer. From watching SpaceX launches to learning
more about the science behind jets, he loves everything to do with space. One
of his favorite