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Stories about REAL Kumon students and their success in school and beyond.

Kumon Student Uses Her Creativity to Give Back to Those in Need

Math Level N

14-year-old Gabrielle is a compassionate high schooler with a desire to help those in need. She has developed many skills throughout her nine years in the Kumon Math Program, but she emphasized that it made her into an independent and creative thinker.


Kumon Student Leverages Confidence and Independence to Lead His Peers

Conner, 10-years-old, Math Level H

From the classroom to the hockey rink, Conner’s confidence
in his abilities inspires those around him. His parents enrolled him in the Kumon Math Program four years
ago, and he has since developed into a confident, self-learner who


Perseverant Kumon Student Explains How Hard Work Pays Off

Elisa, 13-years-old, Reading Program Completer &
Math Level L

Elisa has
learned that perseverance is an important part of achieving goals. It may not always
seem easy, but once a goal is reached, there is also a rewarding experience to
look back on.


Intangible Skills Gained in Kumon Give This Student the Confidence to Never Give Up

Nurayda, 13-years-old, Math Level N

13-year-old Nurayda is fiercely competitive. This holds true
when she’s on the basketball court, competing in chess tournaments, and even
when she’s keeping up in her advanced classes. With her eyes always on the
prize, Nurayda gives it