Bryan, 12 - Kumon

Bryan, 12

Hard work, dedication and perseverance are not concepts which 12-year old Bryan is unfamiliar. He clearly demonstrated this when he was awarded 3rd place in the Communication Contest for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing and brought home a $1000 scholarship. The contest is  designed to offer young people who are deaf or hard of hearing the opportunity to communicate their thoughts to a large audience. Bryan is very proud of his achievement which allowed him to share his story titled “How my optimism will help me press on to the greater achievements of the future.”

Bryan started Kumon’s math program four years ago when he felt he was not able to meet the expectations of his school but after one month in the program, he noticed an improvement and says “after four years at Kumon, my math level is higher than my classmates.” He is currently in Level H in math (which covers linear equations, inequalities and graphing) and has been in the reading program for the last two years. According to his mother, Jane, “English is hard for a child that is hearing impaired but we are confident that Bryan will achieve his goals as long as he keeps doing his Kumon work and doesn’t give up.”

“Bryan is a very motivated and hard-working student,” says his Kumon Instructor, Tim Bertram. “He always comes to class well prepared and with a great learning attitude. Bryan’s parents are incredibly supportive of all of Bryan’s learning activities, including his Kumon Math and Reading studies.”

When asked about his Kumon experience, Bryan said “I really enjoy doing my Kumon homework. Sometimes doing Kumon helps me calm down and makes me enjoy moments of concentration. I feel happy and confident when I study Kumon.”

During his free time, Bryan enjoys riding his bike, playing soccer, reading and playing Minecraft games.