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Success with the Kumon Program: Inside and Outside the Classroom

As discussed previously in the “Support Your Children’s Education Outside of Kumon” blog post, the confidence that students build from the Kumon Program can help them succeed both inside and outside the Kumon Classroom. Kumon Students who become confident and independent learners can use their new found confidence to encourage them to pursue goals inside and outside the Kumon Classroom, from becoming a nationally ranked tennis player to taking AP courses in high school, or even a becoming a Kumon Program Completer. Below, we focus on three Kumon Students who were able to apply the skills and confidence they learned from the Kumon Program in order to become successful outside of the Kumon Classroom.Balaji, Kumon Student from Bradenton, FL

After enrolling in the Kumon Reading Program at six years old, Balaji set his sights on becoming a Kumon Reading Program Completer. Even with a rigorous schedule as a tennis player, which required him to travel around the world, Balaji achieved his goal. In fact, he credits Kumon for helping him develop time-management skills and build the responsibility to juggle academics while maintaining a national ranking in his age group for competitive tennis. When asked about his Kumon experience, Balaji said, “Completing the Kumon Reading Program gave me a competitive edge at school, allowing me more time to focus on tennis. I love to read, and the worksheets introduced me to new authors, world views and fascinating accounts of history.”

Janay, Kumon Student from Clarkston, MI

Just like Balaji, Janay had set a similar goal to complete the Kumon Reading Program when she first became a Kumon Student. All of her hard work and effort finally paid off when she completed the Kumon Reading Program during eighth grade. The confidence she built as a Kumon Student helped propel her to continue the Kumon Program until she completed it. “I was entering Level K and had only two more books left to complete. I was determined to finish as soon as possible because I knew I could do it,” Janay recalled. As a result of her achievements as a Kumon Student and her academic performance throughout elementary and middle school, Janay was accepted into honors classes in English, geometry and science when she entered ninth grade. Her mother credits the Kumon Program for helping Janay balance her extracurricular activities of lacrosse, tennis and volunteering in her community. The Kumon Program also gave her the ability to focus on things that are important to her, such as taking AP courses in high school.

Nathan, Kumon Student from Temple City, CA

Nathan attributes his ability to enroll in over seven advanced classes in high school to the study and independent learning skills that he developed as a Kumon Student. In addition to advanced classes, the Kumon Program helped prepare him for the SAT and AP test by improving his reading comprehension and writing abilities as well as the importance of setting a goal and sticking to it. As a Kumon Student, Nathan also developed his time management skills, which helped him to balance the rigorous Kumon Program with his extracurricular activities as a member of the school orchestra, a competitor in the Science Olympiad, and a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. When asked about how he was able to persevere and succeed, he said, “From Tae Kwon Do to Kumon, most of my activities have been about setting goals and achieving them. My family has always set the example that you should always do your best and always finish what you start.”