Sujay, 6: Instructor Parvinda K. Saluja - Kumon

Sujay, 6: Instructor Parvinda K. Saluja

October 13, 2010 ~

At only six years old, Sujay of St. Charles, Mo., is “mature beyond his years” according to his Kumon Instructor, Parvinda K. Saluja. The first grader is studying years above his school grade and poised to achieve Kumon Level G by fifth grade.

“Sujay grasps concepts easily,” Mrs. Saluja said. “He demonstrates great fluency in the execution of math and reading comprehension skills, which are requisite vehicles to ensure smooth transition across Kumon and school grade levels.”

Sujay started Kumon as a kindergartner at level 3A in math and worked his way to level D in a little over a year. He also went from level 4A to level BI in reading within the same amount of time.

“Sujay was bored with the repetition at first, but it helped him master his math skills,” said his mother, Lakshmi. “Now that he is ahead in school, he gets the point. Studying above his school grade level has really boosted his enthusiasm and confidence.”

Sujay’s parents enrolled him in Kumon for an extra challenge. After less than two years of study, he’s quickly become a self-motivated learner. “He comes home and does his Kumon on his own,” Lakshmi said. “It makes things a lot easier for us as parents.”

In addition to Kumon, Sujay is active in tae kwon do and enjoys swimming and playing soccer.

“I am infinitely proud of Sujay who, like other high achievers, gives me a fresh impetus to continue as a Kumon Instructor and be part of their development, growth and dreams,” Mrs. Saluja concluded.