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Summertime Reading is Easy!

School is out for summer. Learning is not. Reading, the most fundamental and important of studies, is so often overlooked during the summer break. By the time fifth grade rolls around, some students have fallen behind up to two years in reading comprehension.  Reading takes practice and consistency. Here are some approaches on how to keep your child engaged in reading during the summer break and beyond.

Good reading skills and comprehension require consistency. So setting up a time for your children to read each day will get them in the habit of reading, which will help keep them on schedule when class starts up again in the fall. It also helps to have a dedicated reading area set up where your children can read every day. This will help them stay focused on what they are reading. With a schedule and a space for your children to read, reading time will also be much easier to manage for parents.

Reading has the potential to be a very rewarding pursuit. The world of literature is vast and ever-expanding. New books are coming out each day as well as new poems, new articles and fresh ideas emerging from writers all over the world. Some children will say they struggle with reading because the books they are sometimes assigned in school just don’t match up with their interests. Finding books and reading material that your children won’t want to put down will show them how enjoyable reading can be. Kumon Math and Reading Centers offer a free Kumon Recommended Reading list with over 350 titles for all reading levels.

Showing children the practical applications of reading will help them understand how reading can be used in their daily lives. For example, as you watch them devour the new video game strategy guide that just came in the mail, remind them that that it’s reading that makes it possible for them to learn all the secret moves and find all the hidden stuff!

Reading out loud is a great way for parents to get more involved in their children’s reading. But don’t just read out loud – get into it! Create different voices for each of the characters – the entire family can act out different parts of the book – or play the different characters! Make it fun! Make it an experience! Your children will love it! Students who read consistently over the summer break have a great advantage when stepping back into the classroom when school starts, and an activity like this will show your child how exciting reading can be when a little creativity is introduced.