Supplemental Learning: Seven Days of Kumon - Kumon

Supplemental Learning: Seven Days of Kumon

Supplemental Learning: 7 Days of Kumon

What sets Kumon apart from other supplemental learning programs? How is it different from tutoring? Get the answers to these questions and more with this roundup!

No, Kumon Isn’t Tutoring

Boy in red polo shirt holding a pencil and working on his Kumon worksheets while smiling at the camera.

Learn how Kumon differs from traditional tutoring programs and why it might be the best option for your child, whether they’re in need of extra help or looking to advance beyond grade level.

Ask the Expert: 5 Reasons Your Child Could Benefit From An Academic Enrichment Program

Students smiling at a Kumon Center

Supplemental education programs aren’t just for kids who need some extra help. Here are five reasons an academic enrichment program might be right for your child.

How Kumon Helped My Child During the Pandemic

Read a guest post from one parent who shared how Kumon helped her child excel despite the challenges all students faced during the coronavirus pandemic.

Looking For Supplemental Learning For Your Kids? 5 Reasons Why You Should Enroll In Kumon

Kumon is a structured learning program that supplements what your child learns in school. Here are five reasons you should enroll your child in the Kumon Program.

Alternative Learning: What Model Is Right For You?

Discover alternative learning options to replace or supplement traditional schooling, and see how Kumon can fit into any learning plan.

What Makes Kumon Different?

Watch this video to see what sets Kumon apart from other after school educational programs.