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Support Your Children’s Education Outside of Kumon

For the past fifty years, Kumon has helped millions of children around the world develop into confident and independent students. Through a focus on self-learning and individualized study based on a student’s abilities, children have been able to use the skills that they have learned and apply them to situations outside of the Kumon classroom. Below are three examples to show you how Kumon can help support your children’s education outside of Kumon:

1.       Test-taking skills

Not only can Kumon help prepare students to perform well on exams academically, but also by helping them to solve problems quickly and accurately. At Kumon, all assignments are expected to be completed within a certain time frame in order to showcase a complete understanding of a concept. If a student takes longer than the suggested time frame, such as by taking six minutes to complete worksheets that should take two minutes, it indicates that he or she has not fully grasped that concept yet.

Once a student has accurately completed a set of worksheets within the predetermined time period, it indicates that the student thoroughly understands that concept. The student is then ready to proceed to the next step in the Kumon program. In addition, the timed assignments can help prepare students for similarly structured materials in their classroom, such as timed exams and standardized tests. By having students study using timed assignments, Kumon helps prepare them for their classroom activities.

Steve, a former Kumon Student, explains his experience with timed tests in school after being in the Kumon program, “Timed tests? They are not a problem. I usually finished early and had lots of time to go back and fix careless errors.”

2.       Building confidence

Apart from improved academic and study skills, Kumon Parents have also noticed changes in their children’s confidence after being enrolled in Kumon. It’s no surprise that specific achievements, such as completing an assignment without any errors on the first attempt or reaching a new Kumon level, can help to boost children’s confidence. This confidence frequently encourages students to strive for success outside of the Kumon program as well. For example, after reaching a new Kumon level, your child could be inspired to try out for the math club or even the debate team.

3.       Learning environment

If you enroll in any Kumon Center around the world, you will encounter a similar structure. Students arrive at their local centers and pick-up their assignments for each day after dropping off their completed worksheets. Students work on their Kumon assignment in a quiet classroom setting, free from the distractions of noise, computers, or TV. Students are asked to work on a specific assignment within a specific time frame, before moving on to the next one.

Using the environment established at your local Kumon Center, you can help your children practice efficient study habits at home. Model the environment by making sure that your children have a quiet area to complete their Kumon assignments and school homework away from the distractions of computers, TV, and noise.