Taekwondo Black Belt is Motivated by Future Results

Taekwondo Black Belt is Motivated by Future Results

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Nathan, 14-years-old, Math Level L & Reading Level II

Ever since Nathan’s parents enrolled him in the Kumon Math Program five years ago, his level of focus and determination has soared – opening the door to endless opportunities for success. Before entering high school, Nathan was impressively studying above his grade level in math and had already mastered advanced concepts like logarithmic functions and inequalities.

Nathan credits Kumon for not only gaining confidence in his academics, but outside of the classroom as well. He always gives it his all no matter what he does.

“Kumon has taught me discipline, which I have applied in taekwondo,” said Nathan. “After a lot of practice and hard work, I earned my black belt. It’s not only an accomplishment I am proud of, but I look at it as a privilege as well.”

When Nathan isn’t practicing taekwondo, he is finding the time to give back to others. In 2017, Nathan and his family packed and distributed meals to the homeless, as well as blankets.

Although Nathan is not sure what his future career plans are yet, we are confident that whatever path he chooses, he will be successful in his future endeavors.

Nathan’s accomplishments don’t stop there. He was one of 56 students selected for Kumon’s 3rd Annual Student Conference in Chicago, Illinois.

Nathan and the rest of the attendees had the opportunity to learn from each other through educational activities designed to foster team building, group discussion, critical thinking, and creativity.  

Attendees were celebrated for their current accomplishments and encouraged to aspire to become individuals who tackle some of the world’s challenges.

He shares how he continues to stay motivated in Kumon and reveals who his inspiration is.

Since you’re studying three years above grade level, how do you continue to stay motivated?

My biggest motivator in Kumon is knowing that it will help me in the future. I am always dedicated and am focused on my priorities each day. My parents also always encourage me even when I am working on a challenging level.

How has Kumon helped you academically?

Kumon has sharpened my mental math calculations and has helped me get ahead in my classes.

What’s the most beneficial thing you’ve learned in Kumon thus far?

What you put in it, is what you get out of it – so I always give it my all.

What do you think of Kumon’s method of thinking for oneself?

I’ve found that becoming a self-learner and repetition of worksheets is far more effective in increasing my ability as a student. Kumon is committed to having students truly learn concepts and not forget them. With Kumon, I feel like I also gain muscle memory.

If you could sum up your Kumon experience in one word, what would it be?


Who’s your biggest inspiration and why?

My biggest inspiration has always been my mother. She has taught me some of life’s most important lessons.

What advice would you give to kids just starting Kumon?

My advice to kids just starting Kumon would be to keep going even if you don’t feel like it. Although you may not see it now, Kumon will help you in the future.

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