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The Benefits of Toddler Reading

One of the most beneficial things you can do for your toddler is to make books and reading an integral part of their lives. By introducing your children to reading at an early age, you empower them to become enthusiastic readers. This is done by setting the foundation for independent reading and helping foster a lifelong love of learning.

Studies show that children who are exposed to reading early in life are more likely to graduate high school and college. In addition to providing your children with the skills necessary for kindergarten, early reading can help feed their growing brains. During the first year of life, a baby’s brain will triple in size and will develop neural pathways that help them process information. By reading to your toddlers, you can help them learn languages faster and more efficiently than their peers.

Reading aloud to your children can help them learn the proper rhythm and flow of language, as well as  the proper pronunciation of words. Children who have not learned these skills tend to read in a choppy, monotone voice that can make a story seem boring or even hard to understand.. By demonstrating the proper inflection and fluidity in story-telling, you make the book “come alive” and make children more interested in reading.

You may want to consider enrolling your children in the Kumon Reading Program to enhance the benefits of early reading. Through the Kumon Reading Program, children as young as three years old can absorb information and learn new concepts in order to accelerate their skills as they prepare to enter Preschool and Kindergarten. For more information on how you can use Kumon to develop their reading skills, locate and visit your local Kumon Center at