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The Harvest of Your Child’s Education

With the arrival of October, many families have thoughts of pumpkins, trick-or-treating and Thanksgiving just around the corner. For the colonial founders of America, this time of year was harvest time, or the time for reaping the ripened fruits of their labor from the spring and summer. The same sentiment is still present, especially in the minds of high school seniors as they begin preparing their college applications this autumn. After years of hard work and studying, these students will soon reap their rewards through exceptional SATs scores and early acceptance letters from top universities across the country.

Although your children may be a long way away from applying to colleges, remember the long-term benefits of the Kumon Program. For example, the daily routine of Kumon homework helps remind your children that success is a step by step process and can be achieved by working hard each day. In addition, the confidence that the Kumon Program builds in your children helps encourage them to tackle new challenges, such as joining the debate team or striving to make the honor roll.

The Kumon Program requires diligent practice and commitment by both students and parents to attain academic success. As previously discussed in “Exercising the Long-term Strategy in Your Children’s Kumon Routine,” the Kumon Program is a long-term solution that requires dedication to achieve lasting success. As Kumon Students, your children need to commit to completing Kumon homework on a daily basis to achieve their long-term academic goals.

Please contact your local Kumon Center for more information about how the Kumon Program helps children reap a bountiful harvest later in their academic careers.