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The Importance of Kindergarten

Will kindergarten impact your children’s lives forever?  Based on Raj Chetty’s research from the Tennessee experiment known as Project Star, the importance of early childhood education once again proves to be extremely valuable on one’s potential earnings later in life.

Not only did Chetty’s research show that students who learned more in kindergarten were more likely to go to college, they also were earning more. By the age of 27, each test-score percentile of each student that had improved during kindergarten accounted for an extra $100 a year in income. For example, a kindergartener who moved up from the 50th percentile to the 60th percentile – which is a typical jump for a  5 year old with a good teacher – resulted in $1,000 a year more in income by the age of 27 than peers who remained at the 50th  percentile.

Although the cause for such an increase in earning potential is not specifically known, economists hypothesize that this phenomenon could be a result of the skills that a positive kindergarten education can impact. Skills like discipline and perseverance play a vital role in a young students’ development, both of which are skills reinforced through Kumon Math and Reading Programs. Starting your children at Kumon from an early age helps develop study skills that will last a lifetime.

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