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The Importance of Learning at Your Own Pace

One of the greatest strengths of the Kumon Method is the emphasis the program places on individualized learning. Rather than guessing what a student knows based on his or her age or grade level, Kumon Instructors identify each student’s academic skills through a placement test. Using the results of the placement test, Kumon Instructors then develop an individualized lesson plan for each student to help him or her build the essential math and reading skills required to achieve academic success.

As many parents already know, children learn at different paces. Some children may quickly understand concepts such as adding 3 + 5 and 6 + 12, but may need additional time studying problems such as 30 + 50 and 60 + 120. The Kumon Method takes this into consideration by structuring a program that carefully assesses and evaluates a student’s progress on an on-going basis. This ensures that your child advances only when he or she has fully understood a specific learning skill. Through this progress, your child will work to develop strong study habits, build confidence, and start on his or her path to becoming a self-learner.

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