The Long-Term Solution for Your Children’s Educational Needs - Kumon

The Long-Term Solution for Your Children’s Educational Needs

A common question that many prospective Kumon Parents ask is, “What is Kumon?” Parents often follow up that question with, “How is Kumon different from tutoring or other learning programs?” To start, Kumon is a long-term academic enrichment program engineered to help students build a solid foundation in math and reading. Although Kumon covers many of the same topics as other academic enrichment programs, the Kumon Program is different because its focus is to unlock the potential of every student through daily practice and a commitment to achieve long-term success.

In this sense, Kumon is much more than a teaching method, much more than worksheets and much more than pencils and paper. The Kumon Program is a tool that unlocks the potential of students in order to build the pathway for them to succeed beyond their greatest expectations. Children and their parents must be committed to the Kumon Program in order to develop the strong academic foundation to achieve success.

Most tutoring programs are designed for students to cram information and facts so they can pass a test or ace an exam. Although these methods may provide students and parents with desirable short-term results, much of the information acquired is lost shortly after the completion of the exam. When children encounter another exam or academic obstacle, that same process of cramming information must be repeated in order for them to pass once again.

The Kumon Program is different because it is intentionally designed to help students study and develop academic skills until each concept is fully understood. Once   students understand a concept, they then incrementally progress to the next steps of the program. As students climb towards success, they develop confidence and skills, such as perseverance and diligence, to help them overcome all obstacles.

Unlike tutoring programs, Kumon Students are encouraged to learn at their own pace and work independently. This focus on self-study helps to ensure all students have fully understood a topic before progressing to the next one. As a result, the students builds a lasting knowledge and understanding of each topic covered.

While tutoring and other academic programs focus on short-term solutions to students’ academic needs, the ultimate purpose of the Kumon Method is to provide an effective means to develop each student for the long run. In doing so, Kumon encourages students to develop a life-long love of learning and provides them with skills they can use for years to come.