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The Meaning of Memorial Day

May 21, 2012 ~

Memorial Day often marks the beginning of summer fun, but there’s more to the holiday than the onset of warm weather, the anticipation of summer vacations and a three-day weekend. Officially recognized in 1971’s National Holiday Act, Memorial Day was established as a day for American citizens to remember all of those who have died in service to the United States. Here are a few ideas to keep the meaning of the holiday alive while celebrating with your family.
Memorial Day Traditions
Over time, many traditional Memorial Day activities and rituals have gone out of practice, but there are still a few simple ways to show your patriotism. Wearing red poppies to honor those who have died, placing flowers and flags on graves of fallen soldiers and attending local parades are all timeless ways to observe the holiday. Look in your local newspaper to find a Memorial Day event near you.
Teaching Your Children About Memorial Day
Teaching children about such a somber holiday might seem intimidating. To engage your family, focus on the positive message that comes from Memorial Day. For example, your family can complete an online Memorial Day scavenger hunt as a way to learn more about its history and meaning. For a few hands-on activity ideas, from creating a Wall of Peace to crafting a Memorial Day windsock, visit
Most important, spend Memorial Day with your loved ones. Talk about the things you are thankful for and remember family members, friends and even the strangers who have given their lives in service to their country.