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The Perfect Role Model for Your Kumon Student

When people think of role models, adults may immediately think of celebrities, athletes, or historical figures. More often than not, when children think of role models, parents are one of their top influencers. It is not a surprise that young children may attempt to mimic the behavior of parents, whether it is saying a new word or trying a new activity. In honor of National Parents as Teacher’s Day on November 8th, we’ve compiled four ways that you, as a Kumon Parent, can act as the perfect role model for your student and encourage him or her to learn.

1. Create a positive learning environment

When parents see a Kumon Classroom for the first time, many are surprised at number of children sitting at tables working quietly on their Kumon Worksheets. However, it should not be a surprise that a quiet, well-lit environment away from the distractions of television and computers helps children learn. It is important that you set up a similar type of environment at home in order to promote learning.

2. Help your children understand the long-term benefits

The Kumon Program is a long-term enrichment program that requires commitment to achieve lasting results. As a Kumon Parent, it is important to help your children understand that Kumon Worksheets are a part of their routine, especially if your children are new to the Kumon Program. One way to help your children establish long-term goals is by explaining how the Kumon Program helps them reach those goals.

3. Maintain a positive attitude

Maintaining a positive attitude and being interested in your children’s studies implies that learning is important. Being positive and actively engaging in your children’s studies encourages them to acquire the same type of positive attitude.

4. Provide guidance for your children

If your children show signs of frustration or encounter difficulties with particular problems, give them the guidance and encouragement they need to persevere. Reminding your children of their long term goals and all the progress that they have made are two great examples of ways you can provide guidance for your children. It’s important to refrain from providing your children with correct answers. As we discussed earlier this month in “The Importance of Self-Learning” blog post, the foundation of the Kumon Program is centered around self- learning. In order for each Kumon Student to achieve long-term success, the student must understand how to learn and apply those skills as they progress into high school and college.

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