Reading List: "The Phantom Tollbooth" by Norton Juster - Kumon

Reading List: “The Phantom Tollbooth” by Norton Juster

A very bored Milo returns home from school one day to find a very large package in his room, addressed: “FOR MILO, WHO HAS PLENTY OF TIME.” Inside the package is “ONE GENUINE TURNPIKE TOLLBOOTH.” With nothing better to do, Milo enters a magical realm where he meets a “watchdog” named Tock, a not-so-wicked “Which,” a lovable liar called the Humbug, and many others. In Dictionopolis, the land of words, he meets King Azaz, who believes that words are more important than numbers. In Digitopolis, the land of numbers, he meets the Mathemagician, who believes just the opposite. It’s up to Milo to traverse the Mountains of Ignorance to rescue the twin Princesses, Rhyme and Reason. If you enjoyed the fantastic world of Alice in Wonderland, you’ll enjoy this book. As the tollbooth note promises…“RESULTS ARE NOT GUARANTEED, BUT IF NOT PERFECTLY SATISFIED, YOUR WASTED TIME WILL BE REFUNDED.”