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The Power of Practice with the Kumon Program

What do ballet dancers, athletes, pianists, and Kumon Students all have in common? Regardless of age and ability, all of them rely on practice to maintain and elevate their skills.  As noted in our “Practice Makes Perfect” blog post, many athletes and individuals who want to improve their abilities practice every day in order to achieve success. Therefore, it should be no surprise that students who harness the power of practice can achieve similar success in academics when they apply that same principle.

When founded in 1954, Toru Kumon understood the importance of consistent and diligent study in order to achieve success. He believed in this principle so much that he began reinforcing it in his son’s academic studies. Like parents today, Toru Kumon wanted his son to develop his skills to the best of his abilities. Daily practice was the fundamental steppingstone that helped his oldest son, Takeshi, achieve that goal.

The Kumon Program continues to stress the importance of practicing every day. Around the world, millions of students, while speaking and studying different languages and subjects, are united under the simple principle of daily practice. As many of our student success stories have demonstrated, these Kumon Students have achieved tremendous results.