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The Right Mix of Study Habits Leads to Sweet Success

September 12, 2011 ~

With a new school year comes a curriculum. It is important for your child to establish a good study routine early in the school year so he or she does not fall behind. Sitting down and focusing on homework can feel overwhelming, and it can be difficult to concentrate with distractions such as friends, TV, games and computers. The key to successful study is balance and proportion. When you and your child find the right mixture, success will be sweet.
Timing Is Everything
Does your child focus best right after school or once dinner and family time are out of the way? Observe when your child is calm and focused, this may be an effective time for your child to study. If your child is old enough, have a conversation and provide choices for study routines. Would he or she prefer a snack and study time on the couch or 30 minutes of free time followed by study in the dining room? By asking for your child’s input, you show you value his or her opinion, you encourage self-reflection and you teach personal responsibility.
Time for family and fun is just as important as time for school. Help keep your child feeling connected and balanced by including breaks in long periods of study. Healthy snacks and physical activity will keep your child’s mind sharp while providing a break from the books. Some children will want to play with their friends or siblings. Others might prefer to do something creative or help with household tasks. Give your child some fun and healthy break options to build into his or her study routine, and you will help keep spirits up and frustration down.
Follow the Recipe
Once you have established a nightly time frame for study and you have discussed study routine ideas, make a plan and turn it into a habit. Consistency is the key ingredient. Help your child stay focused and on point by ensuring that studying becomes a part of his or her nightly routine. On homework-free nights, encourage your child to read for 20 minutes. Establishing a routine reduces anxiety and provides a solid foundation when homework becomes more challenging throughout the year.
Life can be busy, and priorities can be hard to establish. By creating a successful and manageable study routine with your child, he or she will develop inner confidence that leads to a lifelong love of learning. Pepper in periods of relaxation and fun, from bike rides to board games, and you will give your child the right recipe for reaching his or her full potential.