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The Secrets to Success

As we discussed earlier this year in our “Defining Success: What It Means as a Kumon Student and Parent,” success can mean different things for Kumon Parents and Students. From achieving straight A’s throughout the school year to scoring a perfect score on the SATs or a noticeable improvement in self-confidence,  success is measured in many different ways. No matter how you define success, it’s no secret that the Kumon Program can help your child reach their academic goals by providing him or her with a strong foundation in math and reading. The Kumon Program not only helps students strengthen their academic performance but also provides them with the skills and confidence needed to achieve lasting, long-term success inside and outside the Kumon classroom. Below are three benefits of the Kumon Program that help children achieve success in the future.

1.       Perseverance

“Linear equations and multivariable calculus don’t come naturally and aren’t easy, but with a lot of practice, you can gain confidence. Learning to solve difficult problems allows you to excel in class and not be afraid to ask questions.” – Norman, Kumon Student from Bridgewater, NJ

Learning to persevere is not easy, but it’s an important skill for students to learn. When a student encounters difficulties, perseverance and tenacity allows him or her to overcome obstacles. Daily practice is one way that the Kumon Program helps students practice and develop perseverance. The vigorous practice of the Kumon Program helps students become confident learners, which can help them excel in the classroom.

As Alex, a Kumon Student from Pleasanton, CA, said, “The Kumon Math Program taught me to interpret problems and persevere in finding solutions.  Whenever I am having difficulty solving problems, I review the material until I find the answer. I realize that most of the time if I reread the problem a few times, the answer will became clearer to me.  Kumon helps build my ability to stay focused and never give up on difficult problems.”

2.       Goal-Setting

“When I started Kumon, my goal was to complete both programs. The feeling of accomplishment and pride when I completed was extremely fulfilling.” – Fahim, Kumon Student from Riverhead, NY

The ability to set and work toward achieving goals is an important part of making progress. The Kumon Program helps a child learn the importance of setting goals every day as he or she works towards the completion of Kumon Worksheets, their Kumon Math and Reading Level and the Kumon Program. As each student progresses through the program, he or she is also working toward reaching academic goals outside the Kumon Program, such as reading above grade level and making honor roll.

3.       Study skills

“Kumon’s worksheets helped improve my analytical skills because of how they are structured. Each question makes me think so differently than the last.” – Amit, Kumon Student from Plano, TX

As discussed earlier this month in “The Importance of Self-Learning” blog post, the Kumon Program is designed to help students build their ability to self-learn. As Kumon Students, they are challenged to solve problems independently and actively participate in the learning process. In this way, the knowledge and skills students learn from Kumon stays with them long after they’ve completed the Kumon Program and can be applied to future academic coursework and beyond.

What are some other secret benefits that your child has gained from being a Kumon Student?