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The Ultimate Recipe for Brain Food

March 26, 2012 ~

Every family passes its favorite recipes down from generation to generation. In the Kumon family, we don’t have a recipe for apple pie, but we do have the perfect recipe for you: brain food. Here are the essential ingredients and steps for “making” a healthy brain.
· One exciting activity
· One healthy snack
· One book from Kumon’s Recommended Reading List
· Two cozy spots: one for reading and another for sleeping
· A lot of love
1. Start with a large helping of play time. Get outside for some physical activity, and follow it up with a stimulating game like Trivial Pursuit Junior. Leading an active physical life contributes to an active mental life. Playing games requires mental attention in order to follow rules or develop a winning strategy.
2. Add a dash of healthy snacks (see examples from 20 Best Snacks for Kids List). Pick a healthy snack that will provide essential nutrients. After all that exercise, a young body will need to refuel.
3. After the snack, mix in some time for rest. Time spent resting in a comfy spot should range from 15-30 minutes.
4. Sprinkle in some reading time after the rest. Reading is a great way to stretch a young mind. Pick out a book from the Kumon Recommended Reading List that matches your reading level and personal interests. (For highlights, check out our Reading List Facebook tab).
5. Cozy up and find the perfect reading spot once an engaging book has been selected. A comfortable chair or desk often does the trick. If the weather is nice, take a blanket and read outside in the fresh air.
6. Showing love as a family is the perfect topping on the healthy brain recipe. A child who is well loved has the right foundation to grow into a happy, healthy adult.
7. Repeat often!