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These Siblings Share a Common Bond Through Kumon

Happy National Siblings Day Graphic with picture of Sohavi and Waris

Sohavi and Waris are your typical siblings. Sohavi has a strong interest in dance and Waris loves basketball! Sohavi hopes to become a hedge fund manager (if her rock career doesn’t work out) and Waris dreams of becoming a software engineer (if he’s not drafted by the Milwaukee Bucks of course)! Differences aside, siblings often motivate and inspire each other. One common bond that these two siblings share is Kumon and a love for learning!

Ever since Sohavi and Waris began their Kumon journey, the dynamic duo has developed great study habits and discipline through their daily practice. Starting at a young age, they have paved a path towards their future success in and out of the classroom.


Sohavi poses in a gray baseball cap and gray tshirt

Sohavi, 10-years-old, Math Level G

Sohavi’s natural sense of wonder and gift of creativity have been driving forces in her success with Kumon. At 10-years-old, she is already working on algebra concepts like simplifying algebraic expressions in the Kumon Math Program. Having an academic edge over her peers, she attends the 5th grade math class even though she’s only in the 4th grade. Sohavi has gained the confidence and independence to take on any challenge and is determined to go on and complete the Kumon Math Program. Outside of the classroom, Sohavi enjoys a wide variety of extracurricular activities including Bhangra dance performances (a native Punjabi form of dance), perfecting her breaststroke on swim team, and learning songs by Led Zeppelin on the guitar.



Waris poses in sunglasses and a blue tshirt

Waris, 8-years-old, Math Level G

8-year-old Waris began his Kumon journey two years ago and has since made remarkable strides. With sharp mental calculation skills and improved focus, he continues to be at the top of his class. It’s no wonder that he’s already working on pre-algebra concepts in the Kumon Math Program – quite an impressive accomplishment for a 2nd grade student! Waris has even taken his skills to the competitive level. He was awarded first place in the school’s science fair, and even made it to the semi-finals in the spelling bee. Outside of the classroom, Waris is a busy kid. He particularly enjoys working on modular electronic building blocks, which has unlocked a love for technology. His future aspirations include becoming a computer/software engineer, with a back-up plan of playing for the Milwaukee Bucks.

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