This 14-Year-Old Has a Dream of Working in the National Hockey League - Kumon

This 14-Year-Old Has a Dream of Working in the National Hockey League

Isaac Headshot

Isaac, 14-years-old, Level M Math 

Isaac loves watching sports. One of his favorite things to do is watch his beloved Montreal Canadiens on Hockey Night in Canada! He enjoys hockey so much that he has a dream of becoming a general manager of a hockey team someday. 

If that doesn’t work out, he’s also considering becoming an engineer because of his love for math. In fact, at just 14-years-old, he’s studying three years above his grade level in the Kumon Math Program 

Isaac shaking hands with KNA President MIno Tanabe

Isaac shakes hands with Kumon North America President Mino Tanabe

“Isaac is a superior and independent student. His perseverance and love of learning has helped him study math at a very high level,” said Ben Giami, Kumon Instructor. “But it’s not Isaac’s academic ability that impresses me. It’s who he is as a person and his involvement in his community.” 

Isaac participates yearly in the Samaritan Purse Shoebox Operation collecting aid for families in need around the world. He’s also an active member of his church, volunteers at his local elementary school and has been chosen to attend the Tim Horton’s Youth Development Program multiple times. 

Because of Isaac’s accomplishments both in-and-out of the classroom, he was one of 56 students selected out of thousands to attend the 2018 Kumon Student Conference. He talks about his journey with Kumon.  


How has Kumon helped you beyond academics? 

Kumon has helped me with my confidence, self-esteem and has taught me to be independent. I’ve also learned from Kumon the importance of being a compassionate person and helping someone in the time of need. 

What keeps you motivated in Kumon?  Isaac at the student conference

The discipline that Kumon teaches students around the world keeps me motivated. I’ve seen that the routine has helped lead people on the path of success and I know that if I stick with it, I too will be successful. Kumon has helped me with my self-esteem and also keeps me motivated. I am motivated to succeed and be the best version of myself. 

What was your favorite part of the Kumon Student Conference? 

The educational games and activities were a lot of fun. I really enjoyed getting to know all of the other students and working together to complete the challenges. I’d say my favorite part of the day was hearing from the panel of four Kumon Program completers. Hearing their journeys, struggles and learning about what they are doing now has inspired me to continue on to complete the Kumon Math Program. 

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