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This Young Student’s App was Recognized by Apple

Yaseen stands against a brick wall wearing a blue plaid shirt

At just 8 years old, Yasseen practices Judo, is an accomplished pianist and most recently, an app developer. His parents enrolled him in the Kumon Math Program when he was five years old because they wanted to strengthen his math skills. They never imagined how deeply he would fall in love with math.

Yaseen stands proudly in front of his computer

Over time, his love for math developed into an interest in coding. He was able to leverage the skills he developed in Kumon—including logic and algorithms—to teach himself how to code.

Together with his father, Yasseen developed the app Versus: The Number Guessing Challenge. With a love for numbers, he wanted a fun way for players to challenge one another in a number guessing game. The success did not stop there. Apple’s Editor contacted Yasseen to feature Versus on the “Today” tab of the App Store. On average, only one out of several thousand developers get the opportunity to be featured on the App Store. Yasseen’s remarkable achievement means millions of people worldwide will see his app on the “Today” tab.

Yasseen tells us about his love for coding and journey in app building.

What inspired you to create the app?

Yaseen's app iconOne night, my father and I were debating the best or fastest way of finding a number between 1 and 1,000. That led to the idea of creating a ‘versus’ game. I really wanted to create an app because it’s more interactive and it allows you to either play against your friends or your device.

What is your goal for users downloading your app?

My goal is for users to have fun, but most importantly to inspire young developers to follow their dreams. I want to give them hope that if I can do it, they can as well!

Do you plan on creating more apps in the future and if so, what kind?Yasseen sits in a recording studio

Yes, I am planning on creating more game related apps that could be fun for car trips. All kids get bored in the car!

As you can see, Yasseen’s app development career has only just begun. Through his daily Kumon routine, he has not only sharpened his math skills, he has also gained the patience and confidence to follow his dreams. Yasseen hopes to one day be a computer engineer in the medical field. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for Yasseen!

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