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Three Ways to Help Your Children Be Their Best

All children have the power to succeed in school and in life. Parents, family members and caregivers can help guide their children to achieve success on their own. The question is, How can we help our children succeed?

We know that children tend to adopt the same behaviors they see in their parents. What parents say and do in their daily lives can help their children develop positive attitudes toward school and learning and help build self-confidence. Parents who value education and use it in their daily life provide their children with powerful models and contribute greatly to their children’s success in life.
Here are three ways to help guide your children to success:

Inspire a love of reading.

Inspiring your children to become avid readers is one of the most important things you can do to help your children succeed in school and in life. The importance of reading simply can’t be overstated. Reading helps children in all school subjects, and even more important, reading is the key to lifelong learning.

Kumon’s Recommended Reading List has a wide range of literature for all different reading levels. Click here for new ideas of books to read this summer.

Teach effective study skills. 
Effective study skills are absolutely essential to achieve good grades. Make sure your children know how to analyze text, prepare for tests, think critically, memorize facts, and use their time efficiently. Encourage them to study daily at the same time, and provide a study space that is free of distractions.

When your children begin their Kumon journey, positive work skills, such as good posture, strong awareness of time, and perseverance, are developed.

Model active learning.

Children need active learning experiences as well as quiet learning times, such as reading and doing homework. Active learning involves asking and answering questions, solving problems and exploring interests. Active learning can also take place when your children play sports, spend time with friends, act in a school play, play a musical instrument or visit museums.

To promote active learning, listen to your child’s ideas and respond to them. Let him jump in with questions and opinions when you read books together. When you encourage this type of give-and-take at home, your children’s participation and interest in school is likely to increase.

As a parent or guardian, you are your children’s best advocate to ensure that they reach their full potential. Support and encourage your children to try to the best of their ability. If you provide your children with the tools to succeed, they will soar to excellence in school and in life.