Tips from Current Kumon Parents on How to Get the Most Out of Kumon - Kumon

Tips from Current Kumon Parents on How to Get the Most Out of Kumon

We have collected tips and solutions to common problems that many Kumon parents are faced with every day. Use these tips to help your children make the most out of their Kumon experience. From the best ways to set your children’s Kumon routine to how to encourage them to complete their Kumon homework each day, check out what Kumon parents and former Kumon students had to say about some of your most important questions.

What is your family’s Kumon routine?

“We do Kumon homework in the morning when my son is fresh and not distracted.  After school, he’s too tired and he wants to play. So, it’s always breakfast, then Kumon.”  -Bonnie, Kumon Mom

“Kumon is just a natural part of life now. Our children go to school, come home, do homework, do Kumon, practice piano, and then they get to play.” -Mrs. Carter, Kumon Mom

“School and Kumon are equal in our household. One is not more important than the other. So in order to do all the fun stuff, our children first have to do Kumon and schoolwork.” – Victoria, Kumon Mom

How does your family manage to fit in Kumon each day?

“My daughter does swimming, Girl Scouts, dance, violin, and acting – we go to LA for auditions and she does occasional work in TV. I don’t have to tell you that she is very, very busy. But we always find time for Kumon.” -Laura, Kumon Mom

“It may be difficult to set a routine, but parents have to persevere or sacrifice their own time for that period of learning initially. The routine will gradually become part of the child’s habit of learning. I “fought” for this daily routine for two years. It wasn’t easy, but it’s worth it.” -Priscilla, Kumon Mom

How do you help encourage your children to complete their homework?

“I give my nine and seven year-old big hugs when they take the initiative to begin and complete their Kumon homework on their own, without the friendly reminders from me or Dad.” -Tasha, Kumon Mom

What could current Kumon parents do if their children are reluctant to complete their Kumon homework?

“If students are resisting doing their Kumon, there can be many reasons. It could be too hard, or there might be too many pages, they know if they resist you might relent. Your expectations are an important part of the program. Your children must know that Kumon is simply part of their daily routine. If you speak with your Kumon Instructor, they will be able to give you help with that as well as discuss other possibilities, such as repeating some sets to gain momentum and/or reducing the daily workload.” -Kathy, Kumon Mom

In your experience, how important is parental encouragement as a Kumon Student?

“Encouragement from your parents is very important. I’m sure I would have given up if my Dad didn’t keep me at it. Keep up the pressure. Your children will thank you some day.” -Roger Hong, former Kumon Student and undergraduate at Harvard University

Is there any additional advice that you’d give to current Kumon parents?

“My advice to Kumon parents? Stick with it. Persist. Sure there will be fights and tantrums, but that’s normal with children. Stay with it, no matter what. It really pays off.” -Nilsson Kocher, former Kumon Student and undergraduate at Harvard University