Tips from the Study Smart Sweepstakes - Kumon

Tips from the Study Smart Sweepstakes

December 26, 2011 ~

There were so many great tips submitted during the Study Smart Sweepstakes that we couldn’t help sharing more! Ring in the New Year with these tips for sharing enthusiasm for learning and preparing for the second half of the school year.
Enthusiasm for Learning
Parents find many ways to inspire their children’s love of learning. Whether it is encouraging study as an everyday habit, taking learning outside the home or sharing some wise words, these tips from the Study Smart Sweepstakes all originate from the same place: a passion for knowledge.
“We encourage Adrian to study in what we call our ‘reading’ room, where it is quiet and away from the other rooms. We encourage studying every day for a short time, even on days when there is no homework. We feel it is important to study every day because it improves reading and vocabulary skills at the same time and at a faster rate than normal.” –Rocio Lara from Houston, TX
“I have a daughter whose education matters most to me. There are many things we do to enhance her learning experiences, but the most important thing we do is to frequently visit our public library. I have seen her mind develop in the most beautiful way because of all the books she has read. There is a famous quote: “A house without books is like a room without windows.” My daughter’s mind will be a glass house.” –LaShana Claude from San Bernardino, CA
“Put everything you’ve got into it. It isn’t enough to just do half a job; you must use your time wisely and put forth every effort to get the job done right. Don’t just do the homework to get it over with; try to get something out of it. Don’t just do the time; gain the skills as well.” –Nicole Dziedzic from Belleville, MI
New Ideas for a New Year
Do you need ideas for refreshing study habits and changing things up for the New Year? These tips have got you covered from new ways to study to fun ideas for rewards.
“We make studying fun, and we leverage various media and technology resources to encourage learning, while at the same time building technology and computer literacy. We study with educational games on tablets, smartphones and the PC. We watch lots of education DVDs from the library. Our kids love the interactivity and we love that they are learning. Technology devices are a great way to change the way kids study. It’s fun and keeps it interesting, and it works!” –Rajendra Chandrika from Mount Sinai, NY
“We put a large white board inside an antique frame and hung it near my daughter’s desk. It’s a fun way for me as a parent to get involved and reinforce lessons. We always make it fun by incorporating drawings and affirmative statements.” –Robyn McNeill from Kentfield, CA
“Every weekend, going to Kumon is an excuse to have a nice breakfast out in our neighborhood. Lucy does her lesson, then we pick a favorite place for a great breakfast! It gets her to focus, maybe because she is dreaming of what she is going to eat!” –Elizabeth Hirschfed from New York, New York
“I created a technique called ‘Mommy Money.’  The incentive program uses free fake money.  The kids earn ‘money’ for goals they achieve with homework. They have the choice of immediate gratification on small prizes, or they can save the Mommy Money, learn hard work and patience and use the money toward a larger goal.” –Leslie Imhoof from Selinsgrove, PA
Remember, even if the Study Smart Sweepstakes is over, we still love hearing what you have to say! Leave tips on our wall, and be sure to join the conversation.