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Tips on How to Raise a Reader

Education experts agree that parents are a key ingredient in children’s reading success.  In fact, based on over thirty years worth of educational research by John Hopkins University and the Center for  Law and Education, children from home environments that encourage learning are more susceptible to academic and personal success throughout their lives. Building a solid foundation of reading in your home is one way to ensure that your children is on the right path towards academic achievement. Below we have compiled a list of tips to help you raise a generation of readers in your home.

  • Integrate reading adventures into your children’s daily routine

One effective way to encourage your children to read is by incorporating reading time into their daily routine. Everyday tasks like going to the doctor’s office, grocery shopping, or even simply driving them to soccer practice can be transformed into an opportunity to help your children practice their reading skills. For example, while driving your children to an after-school activity, they can create a game of reading signs, billboards and bumper stickers or use the time to read their favorite books aloud.

  • Explore your local library

The library is a great place for your children to build their reading skills. Not only will there be a good selection of books for your children to choose from, but there will be additional resources to help in your children’s book selection. In addition, many libraries have special events, read alouds, author visits, and even seasonal programs that are catered to children of all ages.

  • Bring learning tools wherever you go

Books not only keep your children entertained on road trips, but are educational tools that can be used when traveling across town. One way to encourage your children to read wherever they go is by keeping a book basket by the door in your home and car. That way, whenever your child leaves for school each morning or before weekend outings, they have the opportunity to grab a book to enjoy for the day.

  • Make reading a routine

Reading on a regular and consistent basis can be a major path to ensuring that your children foster a life-long love of books and reading. Start by setting a day and time to read whether it is every day just before they go to bed or on every Saturday morning before starting the weekend. Make sure you and your children have a comfortable spot to enjoy taking turns while reading with each other.

  • Make books accessible to your children

Another way to encourage your children to read is by making sure that books are physically within their reach. Setting up a bookshelf in your children’s room, for example, can help encourage them to read throughout the day. In addition, having a special and quiet area for your children to read and do homework helps facilitate the learning process.