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Tips to Help Children Pursue Their Potential

September 26, 2011 ~

With the school year in full swing, September is a great time to help your children nurture their strengths and build on their skills. In many ways, pursuing potential is an ongoing, lifelong process. There will be successes and setbacks, but when your children have a strong foundation, they will continue to reach for their dreams despite what challenges may come their way. These tips can help you give your children the foundation to enjoy a fulfilling and successful journey.
Be Consistent
Success takes discipline and perseverance. Help your child develop a determined attitude by creating consistent routines. Dependable mealtimes, study times and bedtimes are all key routines that will help your child feel stabilized. When your child meets adversity, these structures will be a safety net, ensuring that your child can focus his or her energy on growing to meet the challenge instead of worrying about basic needs.
It can be difficult to be consistent when parenting. Life is chaotic, and it’s tough to always be disciplined when your under stress or feeling exhausted. Be flexible and don’t be hard on yourself when you break from routine. Your child benefits from routine in the same way you do and consistency will help your child achieve both the big leaps and the small steps.
Foster your child’s inspiration by observing the things your child enjoys. Excitement can signal the beginnings of a future passion, and passion is an enormous part of potential. When you recognize the things that make your child’s mind spark, you can focus on creating more opportunities for your child to feel that fundamental curiosity and excitement. Before long, a spark can turn into fireworks.
Not every child finds a passion right away. As parents, it is tempting to try and push an interest on your child, but passion should never need pushing, only support. Expose your children to a variety of healthy and productive activities and stimuli, and eventually, the embers of interest will start to glow.  Remember not to show disappointment when your child doesn’t follow in your footsteps or shares your interests and passions.  Encourage your child to explore new interests independently. Show interest and learn from your child’s new enthusiasm.
Be an Advocate
You are your child’s biggest cheerleader. You have a front row seat to every heartbreak and every achievement. As a result, no one knows your child better, and no one is better equipped to provide the encouragement and feedback necessary for a successful journey. Be your child’s advocate. Stay involved and know when things are going well and when they are not. If you notice your child is struggling more than usual, take the time to ask why. Provide a safe and loving environment so that when problems arise, your child will feel comfortable coming to you for reassurance and advice. There will be times when the problem is bigger than what your child can face alone. For advice on how to be an advocate when your child needs an adult to step in, check out
Potential is far from black and white. Every child will experience successes and struggles in a different way. As a parent, you are your child’s best asset.
Support your child for his or her unique qualities and encourage your child to pursue his or her dreams without reserve. Success comes in many shapes and sizes. With a little love and a lot of determination, you will find that your child can and will accomplish amazing things.