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Tips to Help Your Children Complete Kumon Homework

The daily routine of Kumon homework can be difficult to maintain. We’ve compiled a number of tips from current Kumon Students, instructors and parents to motivate your children to complete their Kumon homework every day:

“Collaboration between parents and the child’s Kumon Instructor is important. Recognizing each person’s role will help the process of getting the child to do Kumon more successfully.” – Thao Jones, Kumon Instructor from Portland, OR

“My daughter gets to use her Dad’s desk to do Kumon. This makes her feel important as she works on her Kumon homework each night.” – Padmaja, Kumon Mom from Mundelei, IL

“Our family’s secret to studying success is leading by example. We foster an environment of learning by studying together. While my daughter is working on Kumon, I will read a book or research online. In this way we are both learning, and I am available to monitor and assist her if she gets stuck on a problem and needs guidance.” – Heather, Kumon Mom from Johnstown, PA

“I let my children relax for 30 minutes after school. Then I give them their favorite snack. We talk about how the school day was during that time. Then my children feel they can focus on Kumon work without distraction, and they also actually score better.” –Sai, Kumon Mom from Greensboro, NC

“We have a ‘Kumon’ Party. My two kids have special baskets with all of their Kumon study materials. We take our baskets out and begin our study. It’s a party because the kids invite one of their special toys/stuffed animals to the party, and they wear ‘Kumon’ party hats the kids have made for their guest.  After study time, we enjoy our favorite snack.” – Jennifer, Kumon Mom from Plantation, FL

“We have a magnetic sticker chart, and she earns stickers whenever she does Kumon, homework, chores, etc. When she gets a certain amount, she gets a prize!” –Erika, Kumon Mom from Beavercreek, OH

“I created a display area in the living room to show my daughter’s latest achievements. Recently I have displayed her Kumon Math Honor Roll certificate. She is very proud of it.” –Ruksana, Kumon Mom from Livingston, NJ

“I would get my work finished by immediately getting it done after school so that I didn’t have any work to do after my activities.” – Gaurav, Kumon Student from Kendall Park, NJ

“You have to make sure children do Kumon every day and they don’t get in the habit of putting things off until tomorrow. It’s not easy. It takes time for a child to develop a habit. They need a lot of help from their parents.” – Wei, Kumon Dad from Chesterfield, MO

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